Thursday, June 30, 2011


Basically blogging with my eyes closed... I'm sleepy.

Cooler again, but layered it up and wore lighter colors to make me feel summery.

And hidden underneath were my new sandals from Primark. Last pair, size 6, on sale for £4. sweet.

Getting to work was nightmare. Rotten luck with buses today. I don't want to relive it. But at least there was yummy cake after lunch... With candy and sparkles!

And dinner was a challenge again. Went back to Cafe Coco. Ordered mushroom pizza with pepperoni. And a drink while I wait. Elderflower and mint might be my fav thing ever right now. Got to get my hands on some at home. Anyways... Kitchen out of pepperoni. No biggie, just give me mushroom pizza. 5 min later... Out of mushrooms too. Hot damn, just give me food! Ended up with spinach Parm cream calzone again. And ate every last bit.

No knitting, busy working.
Excuse me while I pass out. My eyes are burning and my brain hurts.

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