Saturday, March 31, 2012


I'm just sitting here watching the kids choice awards red carpet...

And being judged.
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Friday, March 30, 2012


My first crossfit workout was a beast. A beast named FRANK

I had made the decision to go to the 7:00 class, for 2 reasons.
1. 6am was rough enough but 5am just wasn't going to happen
2. The 7am is a new class and not many people go so I figured I'd have more coaching available if I needed it. (I was right- there were 2 of us, I didn't need to extra coaching though since the workout was just one terrible horrible no good very bad sack of crap.

Normal warmup- only 1200m instead of 2000m rowing. I also grabbed my own bands for my pullups. Mistakenly grabbed the green band instead of yellow band and it worked to my favor. Usually I'm struggling to do them in sets of 5 and I whipped out 11 before i was feeling some burning. I'll know for next time.

*Note- after my workout, there was a new guy giving it a try. He actually said something to me about my pullups. I guess he was doing the jumping pullups with Seneca and said something along the lines of he was impressed and thinking he couldn't believe he was getting smoked by a girl. (that I wasn't using a box and jumping) I told him he was kind but that I was using bands that could literally slingshot him through the roof. Even still, it brightened me up a little bit that someone thought I was kicking ass.

Post warmup we did an extended warm up.
2 rounds of:
10 T2B (Toes to bar... in my case it was chest to knee)
20 deliberate mobility squats (slow, making sure knees are pressed out and getting as much depth as possible)
30 jumping jacks

Chest to Bar was not as easy as I thought it would be. I had to chalk my hands since they kept slipping and need to keep my core tight- they will get better. Squats as per usual, I'm getting stronger in my legs and I can feel it. I think my depth is about parallel now when just last week I couldn't even dip that low. Progress! Jumping Jacks were not an issue- I know how to do those.

We took a small break and chatted about various things until it was time for the WOD.

Frank is my new worst enemy.

First of all I've never done a burpee before. If I ever felt uncoordinated or weak in any other exercise, multiply that by 50 and you'll get what I felt doing a burpee.This is the proper way to do a burpee:

Mine looked pretty much nothing like that. Think more along the lines of fall to your knees, slam your chest to the ground, peel yourself off the floor, and hop slightly while flailing arms above your head. They were ugly. and they were hard. I think it took me the same amount of time to do the last 15 as it did to do the first 35. When I finally finished, my trainers told me I did I good job- that Frank was a rough one for a first time, I asked if I could go write my name up on the board. They said of course, I could if I wanted to and HELL YES! I WANTED TO! I may have had the slowest time up there but I did my WOD and was proud to finish!

Those other times are the 5am hardcore Crossfitters and someday my times will be closer to theirs.
But even if it took me 20 minutes, my time would still be up there.
Because I fought Frank today, and I WON.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a Jerk

Back at it today for my last foundations class. I'll go ahead and give away the ending... I'm cleared to start classes and do the WODs. Supposedly...

I'll be the weenie in the corner with my 11lb training bar and bumpers massaging my wrist but I'll be there!

Same warmup as before
2000m row
15 air squats
15 pushups
15 situps
15 back extentions
15 banded pullups
15 pass throughs (I finally asked what they were!)

Then we went focused on 4 new exercises: The Overhead Squat, The Push Jerk, and The Power Clean/Power Clean and Jerk.

Overhead Squat
I looked totally like this... NOTSOMUCH.
I was surprised to hear that my squats are already starting to improve. Still need to work on my depth and strength but after 4 workouts I can even tell that I'm able to get a little bit lower every time. Not to mention my legs have been sore for a week but it's the best kind of sore- not painful but a little reminder that I'm kicking my own ass 3 mornings a week. The overhead squat itself was not so fun. When you have the bar overhead, your wrists are at a pretty odd angle and  my wrist pretty much checked out as soon as we added the bumpers to the bar which added a little bit of weight. At least we got my technique down with the PVC and with the bar itself.

Push Jerk

Push Jerk was similar to the strict press(shoulder press) and the push press I had learned earlier this week only with an added bend in the knee at the end. I wasn't too terrible with this one. I find that the movements with the PVC pipe are good to understand the motion- although I mirrored Seneca 3 times and then he told me to do one on my own and I literally blacked out and my brain stopped working- but not so good for control and feeling what the weight does to your balance.

Power Clean and Jerk
Lastly, the Power Clean and Jerk. (no split) I wasn't too terrible with these but need to work on the thrusting. Surprisingly this one didn't hurt the wrist too much and I got my shrugs/getting under the bar fairly easily. I dare say this one might have been enjoyable? Maybe not...

I've made it through foundations and will start with the classes on Friday. I'm not completely sure how I feel about it but Seneca has assured me that I'm ready to join the class and do workouts but to use my training bar and scale the weights to what is right for me, not anyone else. Luckily everyone has been super nice to me and if I have questions (which I'm sure I will) I am not scared or hesitant to speak up.

Wish me luck!

***UPDATE: I totally forgot, also learned Thruster

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Morning Week!

Back at the gym at 6 this morning. It's still a pain getting out of bed but once I'm up, I'm good.

I've figured out that as long as I don't eat in the AM before going, no heaves for me!

Same warmup this morning
2000m Row
15 air squats
15 pushups
15 situps
15 back extentions
15 banded pull ups
15 shoulder thingys

Today I learned 4 more exercises.
Front Squat
Push Press
Kettlebell Swings
Clean High Pull
My wrist was really not feeling great today so most was done with the training bar. I did a few reps with the heavier bar so that I could feel the weight and adjust my body form. I practiced my squats over the last couple of days and tried to keep form as I would sit in a chair or couch,etc. I really want to do those right and work my muscles so that I can improve my depth and flexibility. I definitely felt a little better about them today but I know I've got lots of work to do.

I was so looking forward to kettlebell swings. I always thought they looked like fun and that I'd be able to do them no problem. Luckily I flubbed that one up too. My first swing sent the kettlebell flying over my head and launching me backwards. Humble pie- taken. They are a lot harder than they look! at least for me. I worked to get the concept of thrusting my hips to help me shoot it in the air. By my last set, I had improved greatly.

Unfortunately for my front squat and push press my wrist was hurting so terribly it was hard to keep any sort of form because of the angle it was putting my wrist. When we had wrapped up, Dr. Ryan (the owner) was walking by and Seneca asked him to take a look at my wrist. He's a chiropractor so he started working my wrist and asking about work and where and when I have the pain. Asked me if I type at a computer a lot (yes) and I also told him I'm a knitter. He said I was really tight and because I'm almost constantly in one position I don't have the strength and flexibility to be able to flex my wrist the way I need to. He adjusted me- gross, there was pulling and popping and snapping- and said I need to work on my forarm strength and mobility in my wrist. Kettlebell corkscrews and rolling a weighted dowel should help. I was told to ice when I got home and do that off and on for the next couple of days. It sucks that I feel like I failed and got hurt when in reality I know this is going to get better if I work at it. Being able to flex my wrists that way is essential for many crossfit exercises so I've got to get stronger and more flexible. And I will.

Those new shoes up there? Yeah, they are my new crossfit shoes. Nike Free XT Quick found at the outlet store marked down to like $30. Score!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you Sir, may I have another

I went back to Crossfit Cornerstone again at 6am this morning for my first foundations class. It's one on one to teach you the fundamentals and form for lifting. I went in knowing it would bad, but had no idea it would be as bad as it was.

We started with the warmup
2000m Rowing
15 pushups
15 situps
15 air squats
15 back extentions
15 banded pullups
15 shoulder thingys- I can't remember the name

The rowing was painless enough. Easier than Wednesday and I was told to take it easy and just wake up. It was 10 till 6 after all. Then came the pushups. My right wrist had been hurting a little since Wednesday and I attributed it to the pushups. We tried them on fists instead. My form was so terrible, I'm pretty sure I have chicken wing arms, when he got me corrected and I tried again I could barely do one. At this gym, pushups require full range of motion. You have to start in a plank position (back straight, on your toes) and go to the ground, you can go to your knees first, but you have to start and end on your toes and go chest to ground. Even if it means I faceplant. and I did. a few times. I'm decent with situps and back extentions. Enough to give me a little morale boost. But then the squats. The basic move that is essential for almost everything crossfit related. And I suck. I suck terribly. We have come to determine that I have VERY weak hamstrings and little flexibility. I'm hopeful that through the next few weeks this changes for the better.

Now the pullups. I literally had a rainbow of colored bands to help me out here. Of course, I was terrified of the bands after what happened to Brit, but I gave it a go. 4 colored bands and I was able to do the 15 very shaky, swingy, barely head above bar pullups. But they were done.

Then we moved on to lifting. We were focusing on 3 moves today. Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift.

Because of the above experience with squats I knew this would be an issue. We used a box for a goal and I was to squat to the box (like you are sitting on a toilet... weird, but it's a true statement) and then stand back up. I could get down... but not back up without help. Bearing in mind I only had the 33lb bar on my shoulders I was a bit disheartened. But he focused a lot on my form (press those knees out!) and I think I did maybe 15 or 20 reps?

Strict Press: Enter shame face. Got the form down with the PVC pipe and moved to the bar. Embarrasingly I could barely do 3 presses with the bar. So he got the training bar for me. I was able to do a full set so he added on 10 more lbs. So 10 reps with 21lbs. Yes, I have no upper body strength and my elbows just don't want to stay front. This is why I'm here!

Deadlift: Again with form- I need to increase my flexibility so it feels more natural. I was encouraged because he didn't have to correct too much with this one. 15 reps with 53 lbs.

I left Crossfit today sad and happy. I'm sad because I have not conditioned myself and am incredibly out of shape. Happy because I am doing something new and trying to change my body.

My muscles are aching already and it's only been about 3 hours. I wasn't too bad yesterday- it was a good sore, not a painful sore. Thought I'm pretty sure after this session I'll be more towards the painful end. Lots of new skills and muscle groups worked. My left bicep keeps twitching and is the most achy- and my right wrist is sore too. But I know it's because I worked hard and my body is responding.

I'll see Seneca back on Monday at 6am for foundations 2!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First day at Crossfit

Well, I embraced the suck.

And came out pretty darn humble.

I sleepily got out of bed this morning and drove to my new gym. I was scared and intimidated but as soon as I walked through the door like a lost puppy, my trainer walked right up to me and said hey and introduced himself. I was training with Brandon, a former strongman competitor. Intimidation factor... up again. We wasted no time and he asked me if I was ready to go through a workout.

I had no idea how bad I would suck. But it's okay. Everyone has a day one, and they all reminded me of it.

My warmup consisted of: (I may have the 15's and 20's mixed up but you get the idea)
1200m rowing 20 pushups
20 situps
15 air squats
15 back extentions
15 shoulder extenders? I can't remember what they were called, they stretch out your shoulders and help flexibility, but it didn't matter anyway because after about 8 of them I had to run outside and dry heave...

Dry heaving after a warmup... lovely. I was so embarrassed but he kept telling me it happens to everyone.

Then we were getting set for my WOD. (Workout of the Day). It was an intro WOD -a modified Half Cindy, for those of you crossfitters.

10:00 Minutes
5 jumping pull ups
10 air squats
15 cal on the rowing machine
AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

I got through 2 reps and thought there was no way I could do more... but I kept on. Brandon was right there counting each one out and keeping me up with my time. I finished 3 reps and up to 14 calories on the machine. If I would have had 1 second longer I could have finished that last row to give me 4 full reps.
That rowing machine and I are on bad terms. It pretty much gave me a big F-U at the end.

After some stretching and catching my breath, we chatted for a little bit about the program and what I thought. In all reality, I feel like that was the hardest workout I've ever done and in total I was probably only really exercising for about 40 minutes. I hate that my upper body strength is non-existent and it makes me angry that I'm so weak. I want to be strong. I don't care about the scale, I want to FEEL better. I even told him that I want to be able to carry the kitty litter without having a hernia. I'm all about the comic relief. But it's true.

I've decided to move forward with the foundations sessions (3 one on one sessions to teach form and movements for lifting) and I will be going back bright and early at 6am on Friday.

My body feels like Jello but I'm sitting here a little bit taller and my back a little bit straighter.

Now excuse me while I finish my protein shake and go sit in a tub of ice.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Embrace the Suck

Not sure how it's going to go since I'm a total pansy.

Tomorrow I will be "embracing the suck" when I find the energy and motivation to haul my butt out of bed at 5:30 to make it to the gym for my first Crossfit evaluation/workout. 

Pretty much terrified.
But man, I'm pumped.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Overdue Trip

We finally made our way up north to visit the family.
It was long overdue since I hadn't seem my favorite tiny humans since Christmas! I was pretty sure they had grown a foot and were ready to graduate any day now.

Carson has gotten so big. And Mr. Awesome rolled over for the first time while we were there! Unfortunately, he was on his back and then i turned around and he was on his front so I missed it. Bummer.

Cade and Emme were so full of energy.
After 2 days of running, jumping, catching, and iPading, I was exhausted.
Catching serious air while jumping over blankets
She dominated Cut the Rope. Pretty sure she is better than me!
Group effort on the iPad with Leeshie
I know it may be wrong, but I can't help but crack up every time I see this picture! Emerson was playing football and happened to miss one that bounced right off her noggin... right as my camera was clicking away.

Pure coincidence that this was captured on film.
PS- She was fine, no tears or injury. Just a funny face!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Road Trip

Heading up to visit my favorite little people for the weekend. A much needed trip after these last few months. Can't believe I haven't seen then since Christmas!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012


You know I love to knit right? Hopefully the answer to that is YES!

Did you know that every month there is a full moon that has a name? (in some months there are 2 full moons, where the second is what we refer to as the Blue Moon)

Mindy, my awesome designer friend, thought of an awesome idea and I'm thrilled to be able to help her out in executing her Moon Series! Each month, she is releasing a shawl pattern inspired by the moon of that month. I've been fortunate enough to be able to do the first 3 and am so excited for the rest in the series.

January was the Wolf Moon.
A chunky thick warm shawl that is possible the coziest thing I have ever knit.
February was the Snow Moon.
A lovely lightweight lace shawl worked from the bottom up.

And tonight is the March Full Moon, the Sap Moon
A casual shawl with a bit of girlie flair with a ruffle. No lace and some fun stripes to mix it up.

All of Mindy's patterns are available on Ravelry at her designer page.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Unexpected Phone Call

I got a call from my BFF Steph yesterday. Hearing her voice did wonders for my soul. Do you have friends in your life like that? I hope you do. Friends that you could go far too long without talking to but are able to pick right back up like it was just yesterday. I laughed harder than I have in a while yesterday and it felt good.

Really good.

These gorgeous lilies sent to me by my Dad and family last week also make my heart happy.  
Aren't they lovely?

What makes your heart happy?
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