Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outfit wrap up

Monday. first day back to work! (mom wanted in on the action too)
Pink Top-primark
Jacket- forever 21
Pants- NY&Co
Bracelets- Primark

Tuesday-not feeling so hot. Beginning of sick week.
Cardi- NY&Co
Top- Primark
Jeans- NY&Co

Top, Dress, Cardi, Belt - NY&Co
Grey tights- Primark

Stripe Top- J Crew
Cardi, pants- NY&Co
Shoes- Primark

Sweater- Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans- Old Navy Skinny
Belt- NY&Co
Scarf- outlet, can't remember the store
Shoes- Matalan

Ready for the weekend!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

It has been WAY! too long since I participated in a FITBF. And since I have had such a lack of posts this week (sickness and laziness are an awesome combo) I thought I would go ahead and throw this one in for good measure. And also because I laughed when I thought about my answer for #2 and that sealed it for me.

1. One of life's most simple pleasures is a sincere and kind smile.

2. Chewing with your mouth open or smacking your gum or food so loudly that ANYONE within a 2 mile radius can hear makes me want to punch someone. (In particular, the person doing said smacking)

3. I like to knit because, it is calming. And because I can- it's not just for grannys!

4. Purple is a funny word.
(But only when said in a French Accent with your BFF!)

5. If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be Oil of Olay moisturizing lotion. Dry skin sucks!
6. I'm happy that I was given and able to accept the awesome summer opportunity here in the UK. It has been awesome.

7. I would never choose Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi. But I would choose Coke over Pepsi in a heartbeat!
 Yeah, that last one was kind of random. Sorry bout that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goldilocks in Oxford

My new digs... I feel like Goldilocks.

Saturday no luggage yet but that didn't stop us from doing just a little bit of walking around. but then we worried we would miss the courier so back home we went to wait, and wait, and wait some more. The luggage wasn't delivered till about 8 that night unfortunately. But Ma was spent from the hellacious travel day so a day to recoup was needed.

Sunday we headed out to wander yet again.

A walk up the Carfax tower was in order. Though she pretty much is afraid of heights so was for the most part terrified for the 30 minutes we were up there.

Then we went to the one place I have been waiting and waiting to go through! Christ Church! Aka Hogwarts inspiration!

Inside the courtyard by the olive tree and fountain.

The great hall. (inspiration for the great hall of Hogwarts)

I may or may not have sat down in one of the chairs and a Keeper of Christ Church may or may not have immediately scolded me and yelled from across the hall. Nope, not me.

Cathedral at Christ Church

LOVED the ceiling. The symmetry was just awesome. Pretty sure I will be cropping and hanging this photo somewhere in my house.

I have little booklet from the tour, lots of interesting things about Christ Church. (which is actually a college at Oxford University, also famously known for where C.S. Lewis attended Uni and wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)

Also took Ma to have her first Lush experience... I amazingly walked out with nothing. I still have a bath bomb and bubble bar to use... And the decided it was time for dinner.

How about an Atomic Burger?

Such a cute weird place. Lots of action figures and toys all around. And bendy curly straws. Really interesting unique place all around. Even the names of burgers were lots of fun. And it is home to the Godzilla challenge- triple burger with 3 sides. The record holder is just over 6 minutes to finish!)

Ma was boring with a "Forrest Gump" aka a plain burger with cheese.
I was slightly more adventurous with the "Dr. Zachary Smith"** aka a burger with mushrooms and Swiss. And onion rings. They were delish!

I want to go back to the try PeeBee and Jay aka a burger with peanut butter, red onion marmalade and bacon! I know I know, gross right? But the girl next to us got it and said it was quite delicious.

All in all a fun weekend! But time for work now!

**I had to google Dr. Zachary Smith- he was a character on Lost in Space circa 1965.

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Friday, August 19, 2011


Today was a big day. I packed up my bags and said goodbye to my home of 8 weeks here in Oxford. I didn't move far away, but away nonetheless.
You've been good to me Frideswide. I will stop by and say hi, don't you worry!

I will miss you circus street :(

But! There was a reason for my move, I needed a bigger place because I have a visitor!

(that's my Ma in case you didn't know.)

But my new place is lovely as well and I look forward to exploring a bit around here.

Plus, the view from my bedroom isn't too bad...

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What I wore this week

Forgive my lack of posts... Combination of laziness and lack of amazing content for you.






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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Sunday gone by

Stupid blogpress shut down and deleted my post. Grrrrrrrr!

Nothing terribly exciting today. Some shopping at Primark. Picked up 2 tops, a pair of ballerina flats, and 2 pairs of the cutest little sunglasses for my favorite little people.

Then a quick stop at Sainsburys for some dinner necessities. It was time to bust out the Skyline Chili!

Almost like home only the cheddar here is not bright orange. Bummer.

Friends and Skyline. It was a good evening.

Then finally used my mask!

Pampering is good for the soul :)

And with that, it is almost bedtime.

Have a great week everyone!

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Henley on Thames

I ended up spending literally the entire day in Henley yesterday with Michelle and the boys. Too tired yesterday to post.

Started the morning off with Fruit Loops! And pinterest.

Sweet and simple white tee and skinny jeans. Ended up wearing my navy blue and white sweater over it since it was a little cooler than I thought. I was also having a really good hair and makeup day :)

A fairly short bus ride (bout 35 min) and they were ready and waiting for me. The boys had declared I must be taken to Henley immediately for lunch at ZiZzi's. I ate a pizza the size of my torso and watched the boys mix their lemon, vanilla, and strawberry gelato into an ice cream soup. Pretty adorable and really well behaved.

Henley is home to the Henley Royal Regatta. We walked along the Thames river, up to the locks, and back. Really pretty area, lots of super nice and expensive houses- a dream to live there I am sure.

There was a cute church where someone was getting married and we later saw another fancy English car go by with the bride and groom in the back with champagne! It was the most adorable thing ever.

No trip to the river would be complete without feeding the ducks!

Our time was about up at the car park so we headed back to the village of Crowmarsh and had drinks at The Old Post Office. (the boys had slush puppies!) there is a box of children's books there and James had me read The Jungle Book to him. Every. single. page. He was pretty much my little buddy by the end of the night.

After drinks we went back to the house so that the boys could have some dinner (Michelle and I were still full from our 10 pounds of pizza earlier) and then playtime.

James read about 25 books to me and then wrote in his journal for the summer. He writes one sentence each day to practice his writing. They only learn cursive! I found that amazing since they don't even teach it in US schools anymore. His entry for Saturday? "Mums friend from work came." :)

It was so nice to be included in such a normal everyday kind of weekend day. I had a really great time, though I was completely exhausted by the end. A 5 year old and 2 year old boy will do that to ya!

Once again I have the best colleagues ever!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantastic Friday Night

Another boring night here Chez Leesh. It was early Friday however, so that was exciting. Especially since I forgot that Friday is leave at 4 day!

Ran back up to Boots and bought 2 more Barry M nail paints. Peach Melba and Mushroom. They make me happy :)

And I bought this too with intentions of relaxing in a bath with some new Lush I picked up last weekend. (Ma Bar bubble bar and an Avobath bath bomb)

But honestly... Couldn't even bring myself to it and since it is after 10 now, it will have to wait till tomorrow. I have a better chance anyway since I will be spending the day in Henley with Michelle and her 2 little boys so a relaxing bath will be in order!

Oh yeah, and I went back to Mr Simms and picked up some sweets...

I chose things I had not had before...
A cable (kind of like a really long piece of licorice taffy like thing) in flavor Rhubarb Custard!

Sherbets (hard candies with a fizzy middle I think) in Lemon and Black Currant

And lastly a Chocolate mix with lots of random chocolate things...

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shop Much?

Yesterday I couldn't manage to wear sweats. I mean really... I would have loved to but I knew it would be for the best to leave the pjs at home. So instead, I went as comfortable but still appropriate as I could. While I was back in the states, the office changed it's policy and jeans are now allowed any day of the week. Duh, of course I needed to take advantage.

Tried out the whole dress over jeans thing... I think I like it.

Today was back to pants... Excuse me, TROUSERS. Lisa at work laughed today when I said pants. She finds my American accent hilarious. Tomato, hallway, and nail polish are some others that make her laugh.

Thursday is still the only day during the week I have even the remotest chance of going shopping. I still get irritates at the fact everything closes by 530 around here! Unfortunately I was still at work a bit late so I only ended up with about an hour to get to the city centre and look around.

Back to Primark where I intended to get some jewelry, maybe a few tops, and a pair of shoes. Instead I walked out with a cute set of bracelets, a twin pack of face wipes, and a pair of grey tights. Bonus! Only cost me £2,50 for all of it! I will try again this weekend when I have more time for the shoes and tops.

I have been wanting to go over to Boots to pick up some nail "varnish" and I had just enough time to run over there before they closed. I picked up a pretty grey color by Barry M. It's a wet cement color that is still pretty neutral i think and has me ready for fall! (though it already feels like it here with highs of 70*) And there was a special buy 2 and save £1 so I picked up a top coat too. Both for £5 total. Not bad at all!

Finally a stop at Sainsburys for some veg pots. Never had them before but I am hoping they will be quick tasty lunch/say dinner so I don't have to have takeout every night. A Thai coconut curry and an Indian Daal were the 2 I chose.

And some other gummy sweets since the Wine Gums I had the other day weren't so fantastic.

And that wrapped up my day of "shopping." looking forward to tomorrow-it's Friday!

Ps- it has been a very special birthday week!
Happy 1st Birthday to Ryan and Juliana!
And Happy Happy Birthday to Katie, Amanda, Kace, and Abby!!

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Snoozy Suzy

I fell asleep last night at like 9. (WTH?!)

And woke up looking at the Mr. talking to me on the iPad. Pretty much scared the hell out of me because I was so disoriented!

I blame the miles from Tuesday that just flat wore me out!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I would walk 500 miles...

Today certainly started off better today than yesterday. I checked a million times that I had my key just because I was paranoid.

I had a bit of self control and declined sugary donuts towards the end of the day. I had been psyching myself up all day for a run. Although, with the rioting in nearby London, and with an arson and a burning car close by me overnight, I wasn't sure it was the best idea. But I was committed and figured one or 2 miles would be fine in the daylight and I would feel better about myself if I did it.

I mapped out a 1.8-2 mile run, laced up my kicks, popped the earbuds in and off I went. About a half mile in I hit a hill. A big one. Sadly, I walked parts of it but I am still happy with myself. Whether I ran or walked those miles, I did them. As I am running along I realize I should have seen my cross street a bit back, but decided to keep going thinking I could find my way back easily.

I would be wrong. I apparently have no internal GPS because I got lost. So lost in fact I ended up running through the Old Road Campus of Oxford and then eventually to the Churchill Hospital Campus. Hitting a dead end I found a footpath and went trail running for about a half mile. Finally came out of the woods and found someone to help with directions. I was headed the right way but still WAY farther than I intended. after needing to ask one more time for directions I hit a main road I was familiar with. When I reached my flat and checked my Nike+ I had clocked 4.31 miles. This is deceiving though because when I walk it underestimates my mileage immensely. I figure it was roughly 5 miles. I can't even recreate it on mapmyrun because I have no clue where I was!

Sweaty sweaty red mess so a shower was absolutely in order and immediately slipped into my CEP socks!
(stay tuned, I have a giveaway for CEP Compression gear later this week!)

No patience for cooking so Chicken Sate from Pink Giraffe and I am now lounging on the couch dreading the way my body will feel tomorrow. 5 miles after not running for over a month? Might as well chop my legs off and chisel my hips away now. Tomorrow will suck. Think sweats and sneakers would be acceptable for work?

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