Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The weather continues to be cool. Certainly glad that I brought cardigans although I wish I would have packed some lighter colors. After review of my wardrobe, the amount of black, gray, and purple is alarming.

I wish I could say I have another adventure for you, but I have been boring yet again. After work, I realized that after yesterday's venture out for dinner wasn't so painful I decided to do it again. I returned back to the
Ink Giraffe to try something else. I had the Chicken with Sate sauce that was a little bit spicy but had a nice surprise of pineapple in it.

I ate the entire thing with chopsticks. I have gotten pretty good at them given all the Asian/Thai food I have eaten the last 2weeks!
I was also surprised to see that I got a fortune cookie. This is the first one I have seen over here.

Yep... I'm good with that.

Return home to watch Friends and then The Rock. I love that movie. I saw it was on and was so excited. Almost as excited about the fact that Twilight will be on on Sunday! Chillaxin' on the couch doing a little bit of work and then knitting. First full repeat of lace complete on the shawl. 2 more left. Looks good!

::end scene::

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