Monday, June 20, 2011

Worn out

I managed to get a pretty decent night's sleep last night. Whether it was just the weekend catching up with me or it was the ale... We will never know.

Pretty chilly today. Trousers and sweater. With my super cute belt from NY&Co. On sale, even better!

It was a really busy day at work. Lots of interesting stuff though. Where else would I be on phone calls with people in India, Budapest, America, and France all in the same day? Didn't get out till a little later so by the time I caught the bus and came home, all I wanted was some food that wasn't Asian or Thai and that I didn't have to cook. Don't get me wrong, I totally love it, but I needed something kind of normal. it would have been even better if someone went to get it for me and then fed it to me. And brought me ice cream.

Enter La Cucina. The box made me happy. It's the little things.

I did not eat the whole thing, looks like I have leftovers for lunch or dinner this week!

Since I didn't go exploring today, I thought I would share a few more pics from yesterday's trip to the Ghost Trees and PittRiver Museum.

This old man was just resting by the Mahogany tree. I thought it was so peaceful and picturesque.

And the lady in the red poncho too. Striking.

It was nice to just go in and act like a kid.

Lots to see!

And of course act like a crazy American Tourist.

I took this one for my mom. I knew she would appreciate it.

Hope you had fun wandering the museum via my pictures! If you are ever in Oxford, it's a fun FREE place to go to spend some time.

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  1. I'm loving reading about your trip- hope you're having lots of fun!


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