Saturday, June 18, 2011


I walked a marathon today... Or at least 15 miles.

After being able to sleep in till 930! (I did wake up at 5 first though) I woke up, had breakfast and got ready to go explore!

Armed with my backpack, Oxford book, umbrella, and camera I was ready to go

I didn't end up using the book much while I was out, mostly because I have been reading and reading and knew the area I wanted to walk around.

I headed immediately to the War Garden Memorial

Moved up to the meadow, this might be my most favorite picture.

And there it was. Christ Church

Aka the REAL Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy!

Seriously, the great hall is here as is the staircase and most of the inspiration for the moving pictures. I WILL be taking the tour, but I wanted to wander today.

The grounds were just gorgeous and I just walked and walked and took lots of pictures.

I wandered into as many colleges as I could, but a lot of the grounds were closed to the public. It is exam time at Oxford so I have been able to see lots of people in exam form. They wear their gowns and carnations to designate when they are taking exams, and then they dress up in fun outfits and carry balloons and just celebrate when they are finished.

There were even corks in the street.

Oriel College- graduates celebrating and taking photos

As I continued to wander around... Roughly 3 hours later I found this:

The haberdashery! It is VERY small, but the ladies were so nice. I think I am going to try and join them on Monday at the pub. I almost missed it and just by chance I was on the right street and walked by.

I did go to the shops... For quite a long time but I didn't buy anything. Apparently I suck at shopping.

After a short trip to the store for a few groceries, I was invited to go to a late lunch at wagamama with a colleague and her husband. Again, nicest people around.

Finished off the trip with a little bit of shopping... Where I actually bought a few things! A few books, jacket, and umbrella.

Back home resting now and I might be brave enough to go out for a pint in a little bit!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us! Morgan and I love tuning in to see you pics and hear all about your visits :)

  2. Oh!!! You so have to take that tour and then post it all! It looks like you're having a great time exploring!!


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