Friday, June 3, 2011

Eye feel the burn!

After having eye issues for the last week I had to break down and FO to the eye Dr. It turnaround out I have an infection and I can't wear my contacts till at least Tuesday. Fortunately she gave me these super stylish sun shields since the sun is bright enough to blind you without proper eye protection.

I understand if you mo longer want to be seen with me..

And $20 later for a bottle (steroids and antibiotics) the size of a thimble that make you feel like you have poured bleach in your eyes I am feeling like I would rather be stuck with hot pokers than use that stuff again.

What luck...10 days till I leave for Europe and this happens.
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  1. Oh I hope your are better soon!

  2. oh yuck! nothing a trip to europe can't fix :)

    btw, that picture of your eyes is making my eyes totally water....


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