Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting smarter

Better day today. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them.

Rocked new heels again today. Only I got smart and wore flip flops till I got to the office, changed into the heels, and then back to flippies to walk home. No blisters!
I stayed a little bit later at work again today. Things are really busy with lots of things going on. So rather than stress out tomorrow why not stay and get a few more things done. What else have I got to do?

One problem. I was literally 40 ft. From my bus when it pulled away. No problem I thought, the bus runs every 15 minutes. I can sit out in the sunshine and read my book while I am waiting. Sure enough the next bus comes... only there is a problem. Unfortunately there was a broke down bus so this one wasn't leaving for some reason for 45 minutes! Bummer. But since he was a nice chap, he Asked if I was waiting for his. Bus and then proceeded to find another bus for me that was going near where I needed to go. Crisis averted and I got to ride a big long haul bus.

I wanted to stop at the Headington shops and snap photos of the shark. But given the bus situation I thought it best to ride to my stop instead. I did manage to have the camera ready and snapped one quick photo. Hopefully you can see the tail sticking up in the middle.

I came home and decided to go walking again. Granted it was just up the high street again but it was better than sitting at home again. Picked up some dry shampoo... This weather is wreaking havoc on my locks. Then went for some takeaway. I will give you one guess what it was. If you guessed asian/Thai you would be correct. It wasn't very good though so I didn't eat much. Good for the waistline I suppose. Skinny little staircase to get up there but it was decent sized when I got to the top.

I snapped a few more photos along The High Street. I can walk down the same street over and over and I still keep finding new buildings and details.

Not sure if I posted this before...below is the Carfax tower. Pretty much the city centre. All the shops are straight ahead and also by turning right at the tower you will find Lush and Covered Market and much more.

Wrapped up the night with a MUCH better Skype session. Man it really is amazing what technology can do.

Time for bed! Another busy day tomorrow followed by dinner withPenny and her husband at the golf club! I never would have thought I was going to end up in a golf club in England?

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  1. What is with all the Thai in the UK? Meh!


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