Monday, June 13, 2011

Exploring Oxford. Day One

I went walking a little bit today after Penny showed me around and before grabbing dinner and coming home. Even though it is just after 9:00, I am sitting here ready for bed and enjoying the fact that Glee is on! I can't wait for my head to hit the pillow though!

Of course I took tons of pics... I know blog readers love photos!

View from the Magdalen Bridge

Patisserie where I enjoyed a strawberry milkshake with Penny.

I found Lush! But I walked in an English chap called me "love" and told me they were closed for the night. I will return for some bath bombs!

Lovely arch

Inside a library courtyard

Get to know and love the self portrait- I will become a master!

This building was gorgeous!

Walking down high street. Taxi!

Siansbury's on The Plane... Where I bought groceries.

Okay that is enough for tonight.



  1. Yay for pictures!!! Keep it up! When do you start work?

  2. Oh how I miss England! Love the pictures. And how appropriate that a woman named Penny showed you around Oxford for the first time :-)

  3. So jealous! And so excited for you!!


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