Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well folks, I’m back. Hopefully for the better, and hopefully for good.

This weekend was everything that I hoped it would be, and much needed. A bit of sun, friends, friend’s new babies, good food, flowers, rounded out with some knitting and rain. I couldn’t be happier.

We bought a flag, and it proudly hangs on our front porch. Above the 2 pots of flowers and once out of control but now neatly trimmed bushes. New flowers now line the edge of our garden and surround our mailbox. We didn’t plant last year and I kind of missed it. We will, however, ignore the fact that it was hotter than HADES and we were outside working for over 5 hours on Sunday. My hamstrings still burn today. But it’s done. And it looks lovely. So lovely in fact, that Mr. Buckeye and I sat on the front porch while the rain came pouring down. Yes, I was knitting in my rocking chair listening to the rain. And yes, I was wearing a long linen skirt. But no, I’m not 80. Yet.

Photos to come. Rain + camera = sad face. So provided the heavens stay closed today, I’ll snap away tonight.

And in other positive news, the new hot water heater will likely be installed today or tomorrow. The only time a cold shower works? After spending 5 hours in hotter than HADES weather. On a Tuesday morning while getting ready for work? Notsomuch.

This monster was out. of. control.

So I hacked it to pieces.

The bermuda grass took over the garden. and holy bushes!

MUCH better!

ignore that missing shutter up there... it's back now. Stupid wind.

Flag and potted plants photos to come!

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