Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forgive me

For the daily running updates. But I feel it's necessary to ensure that I stick with it in the beginning till it becomes routine. The last thing I want is to get lazy and off track. This is important.

I thought I wouldn't be able to run today- meeting at work (and now I get super sweaty and gross so if I run during lunch it will be an ordeal now- will take shower supplies and have to shower post run.) and of course it is knit night.

Well I think I've found the solution so that I can still run on Mondays rather than cram 2 2day in a row runs every week. I can either

a.) run at work during lunch if I don't have any meetings- pack the bag on Sunday so I have all my toiletries and there are no excuses.
b.) do what I did tonight- the gym is open till 10pm! YAY! So if I don't run at lunch, I'll leave Knit night at 8:30ish like I did tonight, then go to the gym right afterwards!

It honestly wasn't too terrible. I told myself the whole drive home that I would check online to see when they closed and if it said 10- I had to get my butt dressed and out the door. Well, it was 10. so up and out I went!

I tried the 4.0/6.0 again. Not quite a success I had to walk twice at 3.7 because I was cramping up in my stomach. But I redeemed myself with the final run at a 7.0 to make up for it.

Final mileage count for the session: 2.23!

I won't try to keep adding mileage but right now I'm trying to get my footing and I really like seeing the number grow- it's a motivational thing for me.

PS- I found I really like running to Blink 182. In particular the Take off your Pants and Jacket album. It's catchy :)

Knitting update soon!!!

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