Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 3. Almost done!

One good thing about being so frickin frustrated about something is that I can now go pound it out on the treadmill. Though yesterday I was disappointed and proud of myself at the same time. Wednesday I completed W3D1 and survived. It was hard, but it was doable. I got home yesterday and listened to the message from the sales person- the shipment is scheduled to arrive “around the 12th”. GRRRRR. Between that- deadlines and madness at work (but this is a good thing, just stressful) I loaded up my gym bag and headed to the Y. I am proud of myself that I pulled myself off the couch and computer (I sterted getting distracted) and actually drove over there and completed W3D2 but I’m disappointed that at one point about 2 minutes into my second 3 minute run interval I had to grab the machine and stop for about 4 seconds. I ran the extra 4 seconds at the end to make up for it but I’m just irritated at myself that I couldn’t get through that last minute. I mean really- it’s only 60 seconds. But I could attribute it to the fact that I haven’t done a back to back run with no day break in between yet.

My shins were crying a little bit but I felt great. I was definitely a little bit sore this morning so I know it’s working. I’m taking today off and will be ready to complete week 3 tomorrow morning. Then I will be off to Week 4 where the run intervals are 3 and 5 minutes! GAH! I may have to repeat the last session of week 3 to prepare. I’m still on schedule for my half marathon but I’m still at the point where 13.1 miles seems unreachable. But I’ll get there. One step at a time.

My birthday is coming up in just 4 short weeks so I may want to go get fitted for shoes. Mr Buckeye told me to go this weekend but I don’t know that I will. My mode of thinking tells me to put it off as long as I can since I have shoes and they aren’t worn out, but his mode of thinking is that if it will help me now, why wait? Who knows. We shall see.

W3D1- 1.96 miles 3.8/5.5 intervals 28 minutes
W3D2- 2.07 miles 4.0/5.5 intervals 28 minutes

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