Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a Reader

Amidst all the major bummerness around here I did manage to add 2 more books to my reading list for 2010

1. Finger Lickin' Fifteen- Janet Evanovich
2. The Lace Reader- Brunonia Barry
3. Julia's Chocolates
4. Knit the Season- Kate Jacobs
5. Garden Spells- Sarah Addison Allen
6. The Sugar Queen- Sarah Addison Allen
7. Full House- Janet Evanovich

I enjoyed Sugar Queen. It was a story that I followed along quite well. It wasn't mind blowing, but I enjoyed the characters and the story itself and how they all intermingled with each other. And now I want a secret closet full of candy and chocolate.

Janet Evanovich didn't let me down. While I'm still waiting for another Stephanie Plum book I discovered the "Full" series. I am not sure about the characters in every book if they are the same or different. But I enjoyed Book 1 and the second is coming along quite well again.

I'm still on the wait list for the Help. I checked at the store to buy it but it was $20! I'm so not spending $$ on that right now. I'll just wait.

Unless someone wants to send it to me?

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