Saturday, June 12, 2010


It is pouring rain outside and has been since last night. And supposedly it's not going to stop for another 6 or 7 days. I pretty much should just rename this town Forks. If I do, will Taylor Lautner show up at my door??? (please???)

But rain can't keep me down because I'm still rocking and rolling.

I went to the gym today (while Britt was running her first 5K! Way to go Britt!) and did session 2 of C25K. I upped my pace for running and managed to keep that up, and I tried to up my walk pace but that only lasted about 7 minutes because I just couldn't catch my breathe. So I alternated 3.7 and 4.0 walk pace with 6.0 run pace. All in all I went 2.18 miles in the 30 minutes (including 10 minutes of warm up and cool down walking) It was definitely more challenging my running at a faster pace. Only 1 more run left in this pattern so my goal is to do a solid 4.0 walk and 6.0 run the whole way through. We will see on Sunday/Monday!

Also big news. (at least for me it is!)

Those bumpy brown things on my arms... those are sleeves! I pretty much have a sleeve phobia when it comes to knitting. It's a downfall and seriously hinders my ability to finish garments. To this day, those are the first sleeves I have actually finished. I have a mega sweater (super chunky yarn) that is currently missing (literally, I can't find it), but it isn't wearable anyway because only 1.4 sleeves are done. There is also a luscious checked hoodie that is missing 1.7 sleeves, and a hood. And it's a standing joke amongst all the girls about my fear of sleeves and them kidnapping me and not letting me go till I finish all my unfinished sleeves!

But not those babies! The cardigan just needs to have the sleeves sewn on (I'll be doing that during the world cup game today) and then the button band. A good blocking and a button and she will be ready to wear!!! YAY!

(Forgive the terribleness that is my hair. I did also just finish a 2.18 mile session :) so thumbs up to that too!)

Have a great weekend!

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