Thursday, June 24, 2010

Couch Potato

Ugh, the ugly cloud of irritability has formed overhead again.

We’ll get through it again, it’s all so meaningless anyway. But let’s address the main problem shall we?

The frackin’ couch.
You’ve got to be kidding me. This damn this might be the death of my summer. Remember when we bought it back in April? And how we were so excited it would be in at the end of May? And how that turned into the end of June? Well I’ll be. It has changed again. As of Sunday when I called my sales guy he said we were still on schedule for the shipment to come in on 6/25 but that he would call me and confirm on Tuesday AM. He called. But to tell me that we were still on schedule for the shipment, but that it would be on July 12. EXCUSE ME? So I picked up the phone and called again. Of course, my sales guy wasn’t there so I just asked someone else to look up the order and tell me what’s going on. What does he tell me? That he sees we have been delayed and that we are on the edge of the next shipment coming in (WTF?!) and that shipment is scheduled to be there BETWEEN July 13 and July 28. OMFG! All I want is for someone to tell me the truth. He said he would put me through to my sales guys voicemail so that he could call me back but I asked instead to speak with someone else as the sales guy has been “less than satisfactory” throughout the whole experience. I left a message for the sales manager. He is supposedly back to work today and I should get a call. We shall see about that. We went couch shopping last night again and found the same couch, same manufacturer, slightly different setup at another location. But it was more expensive, power recline only, no chaise, and they wouldn’t split it up so we could get the pieces we needed. So that was out. We did find another with a slightly different look. (more lounge-y) like something you would see in a bar. But it’s still really comfy but not in that come here and sit on me all day and veg out. More like come sit and hang out with friends on me vibe. It doesn’t have recliners but it does have the chaise on one side and an ottoman that everyone could put their feet up on. It would save us roughly $500 and it is in stock meaning we could have it on the next delivery truck. But what to do what to do. We just loved the other couch and we don’t want buyers remorse because we couldn’t wait any longer. Where do you draw the line?

Here is the new potential couch. Cute no? (click the pic to embiggen)

The other couch looks almost exactly like this:

What to do what to do?!

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  1. I love the new option!! But the important thing is that you like it and if you don't NEED it right away I would wait it out. You will have it forever!


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