Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gimme some of your TOTS!

Well last night the heavens opened up and the rain came down. Too bad I had gone to the grocery store first and declared I would walk around the neighborhood after dinner vs. going straight to the gym when I got home. FAIL! Look at what happened to our backyard. We totally need to talk to the township about this. Happens whenever we have a big rain. A lake emerges.

So I thought my schedule had hit a brick wall. Actually, not so much. The sky cleared enough and the temps cooled down that I was able to convince Mr. Buckeye to walk with me. A walk around the block took 30 minutes, 2 epic hills up and 2 epic hills down. It was nice to just go walk. No treadmill beeping at me and no timer staring me straight in the face. So rather than a 20 min Run/Walk last night I enjoyed a 30 minute hilly walk with my husband. I’ll count it as a win!

Plus, What did I get at the grocery store? Tater Tots and stuff for Sloppy Joe’s! (No ManWich for this girl!) My first time making from “scratch” I think I did okay. I even put the green peppers in, and I don’t even like them. But I couldn’t taste them. And I used a bit of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ instead of brown sugar. We will just ignore the fact that Mr. Buckeye said all he could taste was green pepper. But he still ate it. So I know he was lying. It’s not my favorite but I’ll work on it. Simple, Easy, Quick, not terribly unhealthy. I’ll have to put it into rotation and keep tweaking till I love it.

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  1. It looks like you live by a farm. Is that true?

    I totally wondered if you were going to say, instead of working out, you watched Napoleon Dynamite. Tena, eat your ham! haha! Glad the tots were good!


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