Friday, January 29, 2010

Are we ready for this???

So in less than 3 days there will be construction in our home. I'm terribly excited but about to break out in hives too. But in a good way. Spending lots of $$ and large projects give me the heebie jeebies while they are in progress. Needless to say, this is the largest project that we have taken on in the history of our relationship.

This is our basement. Currently home to a large punching bag, 2 kitty litter boxes (yeah 2 for 1 cat because that's how she rolls!), a makeshift beer pong table (only gets used once a year- SWEAR! at least it looks nice with the flower centerpiece ;) right?) and a bunch of random stuff in storage.

from walking down the steps... yes, we have a walkout. and it. is. awesome.

from the corner you were just looking at

standing in the same spot but looking right. This is "storage"

You can't really see all the crap that is in there because P's dad built us these totally awesome shelves that hold everything! and then some! They are kind of lilke Mary Poppin's Carpet bag, only bigger, and in our basement.

So it's pretty much a giant square. We hope to transform it into our favorite place in the house.

Accessories for the basement include-
Big Screen TV (I refuse to buy another one larger than what we have. We will need to do some TV moving in the house but yeah- not buying another one)
Big Comfy L shaped Couch or Couch and Loveseat
Bar- fully stocked with sink and mini-fridge
1/2 bathroom- we are still going back and forth on the "urinal" situation. I feel it's unneccesary but he really wants one. Fine with me, but I'm not touching urinal cakes. Period. Gross.
Pool Table

Do you see why I'm breaking out in hives? We were looking at Watson's the other day and found a $40,000 pool table. Seriously? It was uglier than sin and belonged in a brothel.

Have no fear I'll be documenting the whole experience starting Monday. And of course I'll be looking to you, my lovely readers, (Hello? Anybody out there?) to help me with some decisions.

But in the mean time, stay warm. It's frickin' 20* in Cinci today.

Maybe we need to add a hot tub/ spa to that list...


  1. Awesome! I'm jealous that you even have a basement! haha

  2. Wow, your basement is huge, sounds like a lot of work, but it will be incredible when its finished!

  3. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you guys :)

    don't forget, you'll still need that beer pong table!


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