Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can't catch a break

Seriously. I screwed up again. Luckily between me and the knit night ladies, we made it work. Too bad it has increased the number of rows I am doing... AGAIN!

Getting down to the wire.

176 rows left to finish. 4 days left to finish. Do the math- I need to do 44 rows every day till I'm done. It takes approx 15 minutes to do 4 rows. Looks like I'll be knitting for at least 2.75 hours every night this week- Provided I don't have any other royal screwups. After this project, it's back to no deadlines and ME! knitting. I'm serious this time.

I may or may not be cross-eyed the next time you see me. Oh why would I be crosseyed you say? Well, here is a hint regarding the secret project. I'm knitting on really really small needles, with really really thin yarn.

Doesn't look like a huge difference in size but it is!

this is the actual yarn I'm using. It's a pretty blue gray baby alpace and it is divine. But too tiny!

If I am cross-eyed when you see me, please don't stare.

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