Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knit Night

I just want to reiterate again how much I love knit night at Lambikin's Hideaway. It could be a table full of women or only 3 of us and we still have a blast. They are the most amazing talented women I have ever met and I am so blessed to be a part of the group. In a way I feel like I'm living a little part of The Friday Night Knitting Club. Only we aren't in NY, and I don't make pocketbooks, and someone isn't getting married. But really. It's kind of like the book. and I like it.

I finished a present last night but I can't share until after it is gifted. (it's impressive though!) and started another gift last night as well. Crossing my fingers it will be finished in time for their birthday. I'll just have to set aside my other 10284628 projects and get to work! I'll give you a hint though- it is lace! I've only done 1 other lace project and I'm in need of some small needles and yarn- though I'll be cursing it by the end I'm sure!

Hopefully Father Winter will ease up a bit after work, I need to do a serious grocery binge and I'd rather do it now before the big storm comes on Thursday! Schools were already closed today and it wasn't even that bad. So I'm sure they are going to be making up days in the summer if they are already out on Jan 5!

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