Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toot Toot!

Since this is my blog I'll toot my horn if I want to and you had better believe that I'll be toot tooting my happy little self the rest of the day.

My Secret Project is off the needles. And not just off the needles- the ends have been woven in. And not only have the ends been woven in but I've soaked it in a nice warm wool wash bath. And if that wasn't awesome enough, it is now laying out to dry with approx 75 pins holding it into shape.

Yeah that's right. I FINISHED MY SECRET PROJECT!!!

I am beyond over the moon right now. No more charts, no more small yarn, no more going cross-eyed and cursing the skys that I was an idiot and didn't follow the directions.

Have no fear, Photo reveal on Monday!

And announcement of home project that I've been keeping secret!

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