Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wish I could tell you about my amazing, productive, exciting! night at home. But alas, I can't.

I can't tell you that I stopped at the grocery store after work to pick up some things for lunch and somehow a bag of Totino's pizza rolls ended up in my cart.

And they ended up in my oven and in my belly within hours of getting home.

I also can't tell you that our tv schedule is so jam packed that I was forced to go upstairs to watch The Biggest Loser while sitcoms and American Idol were being recorded on our lovely 52'' Sony downstairs.

Could I tell you that I sat in bed watching Biggest Loser while improvising a new knitting project and knitting away till 11:30 only to have it be too large and therefore I have to resize it? No I can't.

Oh wait. Yes I can tell you all of that stuff. Because yep. That's what I did last night. Sounds fun huh? You bet!

On a positive note. I finished these beauties on Monday night :)
They are fingerless gloves. And they are going to be gifted to Tracy as soon as I see her. She has been waiting not so patiently for about 6 months now. I'd say it's time I gave them up.
Pattern is Fetching
Yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Holly Hock


  1. Very cute... fingerless! I've never thought of doing that before. I've knitted gloves, but all those fingers... drives me batty :)

  2. you are so talented, those gloves look amazing!

  3. you know how to make fingerless gloves? *swoon*

    And pizza roll are a staple.


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