Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Frickin Freezing!

Seriously. Once again we are excepting to be well below freezing. But luckily a something or other is coming later in the week to pull us from this frosty hell- for a little bit at least.

Of course the weekend wasn't nearly long enough as always. Friday night was relaxing with a fire, pizza, movie, knitting. Sounds fabulous doesn't it? Well let me tell you, it was!

Saturday was a bit sad as we took down the Christmas stuff, with the exception of the lights and wreaths outside. Still a bit too much snow to get out on the roof. Maybe next week. Certainly before Easter.

Sunday was another knitting day. I finally got started on a surprise bday gift (shhh!) and it almost killed me. In all honesty, I probably spent more time ripping back and fixing mistakes than I did actually knitting. It's going to be a stretch to get this done on time. But I'm still hopeful as the pattern is fairly simple. It's just the sheer size that will be an issue. Not size as in fill up a room, size as in number of rows. The whole thing is approx 472 rows. GAH! I got about 28 rows done yesterday and I'm hoping it goes quicker since I spent so much time fixing issues. I may even shorten it by 80 rows though- not sure. But if I do that then I need to ensure that I do at least 28 rows every day until it is finished and I should be fine. At least once this is done I will be done with gift knitting and it will be back to ME! knitting. Sorry for the secrecy but I really want this to be a surprise for someone and who knows who is out there that may know them.

I may need to create a countdown or something to keep me on track!

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