Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Yes, the white death did come. And in fact is still coming. I'm typing up this lovely post a day early (it's currently 6:00 on Thursday) since I got to leave work at 1:30. The roads weren't as treacherous as I had imagined but only because I was north of the city. I heard on the news of a bad accident that backed traffic up and was adding over an hour to the commute just on that highway. Of course the back roads were a hot mess and I love that the snow plow will come down the hill through our neighborhood only to take a big left before they hit the caul-de-sac so it's like a big black (white) hole that wants to gobble up my car.

photo taken at 2:00pm

But since I had some time on my hands I decided to organize! My stash that is. My yarn stash. Online. On Ravelry! I set up a photo studio in my craft room (which is totally cleaned up and put together! A before and after post at some point but I'm still picking a paint color and I don't know that I want to embarrass myself with the before photos- it was atrocious in there!) based on a tutorial I saw here. And I snapped away! I'll be sharing those photos at some point but I'll spread out for more posts and to keep you in suspense. I know you can hardly resist photos of projects and yarn! But hey this is my joint and I'll post what I want. (but please don't leave. I love you my readers!)

Looks simple but it worked!

And since I have a great friend, (and fellow Cookie!) who is dying to see what I've got in the works for her, I'll share just this one photo from my impromtu shoot yesterday.

Yes, those are pants. For a little boy named B. Who turned 1 on Saturday. They are far from perfect but I hope they will be darling on his little tooshie! (and keep those buns warm over there in IL!)
Alright, I'm going to go make dinner and turn the fireplace on and hunker down in my Snuggie with my knitting. I'm hoping that when this posts in the morning I'll still be at home in said position with a snow day from work!

Update: Unfortunately, I am at work today. But at least it is Friday!

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  1. I LOVE THEM!!!! They'll be so so so so so so so cute!!!!! You're amazing :) Thanks!!!


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