Thursday, January 21, 2010

Secret Project Update

GAH! It's coming down to the wire and I'm freaking out. I only got 24 rows done yesterday- and that was during lunch. The rest of my night was booked because said gift recipient was with me and I couldn't just pull it out and start working right in front of them! So sadly I'm going to be (hopefully) knitting like the wind tonight and tomorrow. I can only hope that this will travel well though because Patrick and I are working on a secret project of our own. (Let me stop you right there before your mind starts wandering- it does not involve wine and canoodleing- think more along the lines of a couple trips to the lumber yard and home depot.) But more on this later. With Pictures. I promise.

Anyways, here is the breakdown of my progress thus far:

Day 1: 8 repeats
Day 2: 10 repeats
Day 3: 10 repeats
Day 4: 2 repeats (went to sweater class)
Day 5: 8 repeats (would have been more but I had to use my lifeline and rip back 2 repeats because I messed up royally- no way to save)
Day 6: 2 Repeats (major eye strain so I finished another worsted project instead of straining further)
Day 7: No repeats (I was quilting!)
Day 8: 5 repeats of chart 1 (finished with chart 1!) Chart 2 (14 rows) Chart 3 (22 rows) and bound off! Picked up provisional cast on stitches. I’m ready to begin side 2.
Day 9: Screwed yet again. I started knitting on the wrong side and didn’t notice for 3 repeats. Rather than frogging back it will now be a “stripe” at the middle of the scarf. Meaning I am now doing 93 repeats instead of 90. Grrrr. Can’t get a break. 13 repeats done total today. 35 repeats left of chart 1, chart 2, and chart 3. 4 days left!
Day 10: 11 Repeats
Day 11: 6 Repeats

So let's review- 336 rows complete. 108 rows remain. I have to have this thing cast off, soaked, pinned, and dryed by Sunday afternoon. That gives me 2.5 days. Pretty much if I don't get at least 44 rows knit both today and tomorrow there will be no way for me to finish and I'll be a giant ball of failure. I can't let this happen.

I need to adopt the mantra of Dory- Just keep swimming knitting, Just keep swimming knitting.

I can do this!

(And after Monday, no more talk of secret projects... it's killing me that I can't just show you!)

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