Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 In Stitches

WOW! I counted up as many finished projects as I could and I've come through 2009 with 32+ completed projects. It's amazing to see my progress over the year. I've moved on from mostly crochet to mostly knit. I've gone from simple basic squares and dishcloths to hat, baby jackets, sweaters, slippers, and much much more! This is truly an amazing hobby that I'm so thankful I have the passion and patience for!

I made a mosaic of sorts from my Flickr project photos of 30 of those aforementioned projects. Let's just ignore the fact that some of these projects did dive head first into frog pond and are no longer in existence, but bottom line is I finished them! (or 1 of the 2 in the case of the rainbow colored socks, pink baby socks, and pinky purple fingerless gloves)

At some point I'll try to make a breakdown of how many of what I did and new techniques I attempted during the year but let's be realistic- probably not going to happen for a while. I will however, keep track of it throughout this year so that it is ready and waiting for me at the end of next year!

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  1. i'm very impressed!! and jealous! keep up the awesome work!


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