Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow? Again?

We got about .5-1'' of snow last night. Just when you think the sun may peek through the cover of clouds we get covered again. Blah.

Oh well. I'm relishing in the fact that I am not on a deadline anymore, I finished yet another outstanding project last night that was long overdue, I watched an amazing episode of House while eating a Richard's Steak Sandwich, and we are starting the basement on Monday!

Even though the weather may not be cooperating, the stars seem to be aligning and hopefully this turns out to be a pretty good week!

Do you remember when I was knitting my lace and I got terrible Eye Strain and had to work on something else? Well that something else was a pair of Longies. Or Baby Sized Pants if you will. Well, they made their way to their recipient last week and she was awesome and posted some photos! Go check her out!

But please come back eventually...

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