Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Chili

Had 3 of my 4 best girls over for Girl's Night last night. Unfortunately, mom couldn't make it. She certainly missed out! I made an awesome White Chili/Chicken soup/ bowl of deliciousness. And I had just enough leftovers so that I oculd bring for work!

I kid you not, this recipe was so incredibly awesome and easy. (made even easier by the fact that I used a can of chicken!) Whipped it up in less than 30 minutes and let it simmer away till we were ready. Served with some shredded Monterey Jack cheese and Sour Cream. It was unbelievably delicious and I have proof. Vickie, who doesn't like beans, went for seconds! And she didn't pick the beans out!

So now that I've got you al salivating and wishing you had a bowl of white chili I'll share what I did. I sort of mixed 2 recipes. The Pioneer Woman and a good friend's recipe. And come to find out there was another similar recipe on the back of the bean can.

My recipe had approx 10 1 cup servings.

1 can of chicken breast (it's what I had- I cut it up into chunks) or you can use about 1 lb of chicken cooked whatever way you want.
1 Large can of chicken broth (Mine was a 6 cup can- low sodium)
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup (Healthy Request please!)
1/2 large yellow or vidalia onion (or a medium one)
1 can of green chiles- you can used diced but they are more expensive and hey, you'll have your knife out so just run it through the chiles too!
4 cloves of garlic- minced
Olive Oil- just enough to cook the onions and chiles and garlic
2 cans of Great Northern Beans
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
3/4 tsp Oregano
1.5 T Cumin
couple shakes of red pepper flakes

Dice the onions- Mince the garlic. Cook together in about 1-2 T of olive oil until onions are translucent. While they are cooking, dice up the chiles (or open the can of already diced ones if you went that way) add to the pan and continue cooking another couple of minutes.

Add chicken broth and chicken soup to a pot (or crockpot) stir together. Add Cooked Chicken. Open beans and rinse thoroughly. Toss those into the pot. Add the Onion/Garlic/Chiles. Stir together. Now season as you'd like! I used the above amounts (give or take) of the spices. If you like it a little spicier, you could chop up a jalepeno and cook when you add the chiles.

I let it cook together for about 45 minutes on the stove.

Served with (grated by me!) Monterey Jack cheese and Low Fat Sour Cream.

It is so delicious! I swear! and not heavy like regular tomato/beef chili. Not terribly spicy, just warm you up, fill you up, bowl of excellence.

Please try it. You'll love it!

Disclaimer- This is probably not really even chili- I'd almost argue it's more of a chicken soup since it's not thick and has broth (but the broth- oh! it's fantastic!) but it's my blog and I'll call it what I want :)

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