Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Terrible Sadness

I know that I typically limit myself to a post a day. Keeping up with that is hard enough. But I'm so compelled by my friend Mandy's post that I'd like to send you, my 10 lovely readers and hopefully more, over there to read.

A Small Act of Kindness

I couldn't have said it better even if I tried to.

My heart is literally shattered in a milliion pieces. Even though we've yet to meet in this lifetime, I'm more affected by most of these women than some I've known my whole life. It's been a fabulous 4 years growing and learning with these women and I'm thankful to see that we can reach out to each other and be there to help when we need to. It pains me that we have come to this, I'd never wish it upon anyone in the world, but I'm grateful for the community that has brought me many loves over the years.

Please go read, and if you can help.

And if you can just say a little prayer and give your loved ones hugs tonight.


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