Thursday, February 18, 2010


Knitting Olympics that is :)

Warning: this post is all about knitting and has lots of pictures. :)

I was lucky enough to be a part of my first knitting Olympics this year at Lambikins Hideaway.

See, the way it works is that during the Olympics (Summer or Winter) the knitters and crocheters of the world get together and host their own version of this awesome event. What happens is everyone picks their "olympic projects." It must be a challenge, it must be something that you think you can complete in the 2 weeks Olympic time, and it must be something that YOU pick, oh and it can't be started until the Opening Ceremonies.

(You can "train" by knitting up swatches and figuring out your needle sizes and gauge though, but no casting on for the actual project!)

Lambikins hosted an Olympic Party, there was lots of great food to eat, and 2 events that we could compete in that night!

First up was Blindfolded Knitting.

That's Leslie- She's a hoot.

This is Mindy, she's totally focused.

A sampling of the blindfolded Knitting. Hallie's is the orange one, mine is the pink one, and Donna... poor Donna. Hers is the bottom one. She had a terrible ribbon to work with and well, it didn't turn out quite like the rest of ours. But that's okay. She still rocks at lace!!

The medal winners. Hallie (Gold) Genevieve (Silver) Me (Bronze)

After a bit more snacking it was time for speed knitting. Now since Leslie and Genevieve are the 2 fastest knitters this side of the Mississippi, they had to be handicapped just a little bit. They were given this Hairy, difficult to work with eyelash yarn. Christina said GO! and I took off, knitting faster than my eyes could see (I kid, but for reals, I was quick!)

The results of my speed knitting race. It's a Beer Sweater!

I was so quick I won the Gold Medal!!!
Hallie popped up right at the same time as Genevieve (Silvers), followed closely by Leslie (Bronze)

We then spent the rest of the time watching the Opening Ceremonies on TV, eating, and chatting and just having a really fun time.

Until I had to frog my Gretel Hat. After only doing 5 rows... that took me about 2 hours.

But that's okay, I've recovered and am progressing quite nicely. Hopefully Gretel will be finished tonight and I can cast on for my Burberry Inspired Cowl to match.

Here's Gretel. A lovely cabled Slouchy Hat in my favorite MMMMalabrigo. The color is called Pearl. It looks Gray in the photo but it is actually a combination of gray, purple, blue, pink, green. Pretty much like a pearl! I love love it and can't wait to have a matching set to wear!

And has everyone seen the US Olympic Moose Hat? Well, I found the pattern on Ravelry and I really really want one too... so I may have to fit this into my schedule over the next week. (Lesley already got hers done! I'm so jealous!)

I mean really... how awesome is that hat?!?!


  1. I'm so proud my friend won Gold!! You are a star!

  2. I need to bust out my knitting, I just have no idea what I want to knit. I think since my younger daughter gave away the last thing I made for her (in December) I just lost my mojo. I will get it back.

  3. Nicely done! I'm loving the beer sweater.
    Oh and my friend Madison would LOVE that hat, I know she's been trying to find one! You could make some money off it, I bet!

  4. I love the olympic hat! if you sold them, i'd definitely buy one!

  5. You rock and are a gold medal winner! John just commented last night about the kntited hat with the Olympic rings that Lindsey Vonn was wearing. If you make one like that, I'd have to buy it for him :-)

  6. What a great summary of our Opening Ceremonies! Thanks so much for posting all the pictures. My baby sweater project is cruising right along. Are you going to do the Creative Event of knitting something with the one skein from the pass-the-yarn game? I've got something rather odd started with mine.

  7. I want to go to the knitting Olympics. How much fun is that ?!!!


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