Monday, February 22, 2010

Paint and Tile and Toast Oh My!

It was a very productive weekend at the Buckeye household. We got so much done! (I use the term "We" very lightly.... it was actually all the Mr. and his dad while I watched all the DVR and Olympics that I could.)

Lots! of tile was laid this week. All the tile in fact. Grouting is being done this morning.

Mr. and his dad were so meticulous! I'm amazed at the work that they have done.

At least the tile went somewhat smoothly. There was a bit of drama regarding the paint though. Drama being me of course. We had ultimately decided to go with Polished Pewter. We though that Artic Stone did end up looking too blue, and yet Silver dust looked too purple. so Polished Pewter it was. Luckily, P's dad had the primer color matched so I got to see what the room would look like with the primer on the walls. O.M.G. It was a "mood ring" kind of shade. One minute it's gray, the next it's this pastel shade of lavender. That was most definitely not going to work. We went back to the Depot and bought a sample of Pebble Gray. Convinced this was the color I said let's roll with it. Only to find out the next morning it was terribly dark and had a greenish tint to it.

The walls here are Polished Pewter and that rectangle is Pebble Gray... you can't tell in the pics but they are pretty much green and purple. Yuck.

I got so terribly upset at my inability to pick a color that I had to call in for reinforcements. My mom came over and calmly got me to reaccess the color situation. Looking through the color swatches we have now decided on Repose Gray. A Sherwin Williams color that the Depot was able to match with the formula. The walls have now almost been painted and I'm much happier. If anything the new color has more brown undertones but it is warm and I think the tile and the bar will really bring it all together. Oh yeah, and it doesn't change color on me. Gray all the way.

One bright happy spot is the bathroom. I'm in love. I feel terrible that it's already taken 4 coats of paint but seriously. I am totally in love. And the tile. It looks just awesome. The bathroom may be my favorite part of the basement as of right now.

So for all of their hard work this weekend I rewarded the guys with Emily's Best French Toast on the Planet Recipe. It did not dissappoint- They both had seconds.

You should make this for breakfast. But plan on wearing sweatpants the rest of the day.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm the worst at picking paint colors, never turns out the way I imagined. I need to pick a color for the nursery and bathroom and I'm already dreading it. The bathroom looks fantastic! I just love the red! And the tile is perfect!

    And my Mom makes a french toast just like that, sooooo good!


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