Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Will It Stop!

I'm over the snow. It was fun in the beginning but it needs to be gone!

Since the hubs is out of town this week, the snow clearing duties fell on me yesterday. I am so glad I learned how to use the snowblower last week! Makes clearing the driveway a snap and it's actually kind of fun :)

I give you the before... you can't tell but that is approx 5 inches of snow on the driveway.

and after my handywork! That Snapper is my new best freind :)

We didn't bring the patio furniture in this winter... oops!

Chloe was curious for about 3.2 seconds before she touched the snow, shivered, then hauled ass to the register to get warm again.

Hope you are all staying warm and dry out there!

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