Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am tired.

I want to go back to bed.

The basement is chuggin' along. There may be more progress on the bar today as all that's really left is the drywall layers- and those take time to dry. Then the ceiling grid can be laid and the lights and tiles can be put in. And then there's the floor- which hopefully we can pick this weekend. And the light fixtures- for the bathroom and the bar. We were potentially thinking of skinny hangy downy lights to go over the bar?

After looking them up apparently they are called pendant lights?

Something like these?

Maybe 2 on the long side of the bar and 1 on the short side? Not sure.

We will have a break in work next week- figure the women in their lives might appreciate it if we give them up for a week :)

I took a hilarious (IMO) of the guys and their new best friend, Chloe. But stupid tired me, left the camera at home this morning so I can't share it with you. Maybe later.

In other news, I'm still knitting, just a little bit.

And I'm tired.

Just to add- I love my state. and I love my School. Check out what some students did during snOMG! 2010

That, my friends, is awesome!


  1. That's awesome. However, the amount of snow necessary to make that is not awesome.

    I'm so tired. Of winter. UGH!

  2. Yup, those are pendant lights! We have 1 above our little island and I love it. There are also smaller ones and you can get like 3 of those to put over the bar. Check out Lowes or Home Depot, lots of options!


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