Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to Work

Construction resumes today and I'm hoping to see drywall up when I get home from work. We had a fairly relaxing weekend and enjoyed the company of great friends on Saturday.

I did manage to get in just a little bit of knitting, just enough to satisfy me for the week. That Celtic Cable Neckwarmer? It's done :) I actually didn't get to work on it at all on Saturday so I plunked down on the couch during the Super Bowl and knit away. Had to tear out the last 8 rows because I had way too much yarn leftover so I added more cables to use up more yarn and make it longer.

The ends have been woven in and all it needs is a nice blocking to give it a more even shape and some buttons.

But it does fit! And I think it's pretty cute. Should look great under my red pea coat with my cream beret.

Ignore the Double Pointed Needle that I'm using to pin it together. Hopefully I can find some cute natural brown/leather buttons this week and sew those babies on.

Here is a more accurate pic of the color- the lighting was terrible when I took those above pics! It's not nearly as "yellow" as it appears up there. It's more heavy cream than yellow cake in color.

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