Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snOMG! Please stop snowing or cancel work!

Seriously- snOMG came back last night. and it still heaving down on us.

Basement progress- It looks like a totally different basement! There is drywall everywhere and it looks beautiful. Pictures updated later today since alas the camera is at home and I was too lazy to post last night.

The walls are going to be painted a really pretty light gray. (think Silver Dust)
WTH do I do about carpet color???
I don't want something almost white(eek stains!)
I want something durable and yet still comfy to walk on and help keep the room warm.
But what color???
We are also doing a dark gray stone like tile around the bar and the wood in the room is white for the trim and doors but the pool table and bar will be a Black Cherry stained Oak.

I want it all to flow and look nice together. Is that too much to ask?

Please help!


  1. What color's the furniture? You could do a dark grey or blue... Or a lighter color with area rugs to protect them where needed (and add flexible color)

  2. Well I guess I'm going to have to start checking this blog more since you never post on LJ :-) I had no idea you started the basement remodel! It's looking great so far! Do you want a thick pile carpet or more of a flat surface? You know what I really like...stained concrete. And then you can add floor rugs in different colors. But if carpet is the way you want to go, I would do a gray one because tan wouldn't look right with the gray walls and gray tile.


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