Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dancing on the Ceiling

Well, not yet. But soon!

The ceiling tile and grid were delivered yesterday. Bob set to work and got it all laid out and hung! We were able to place out where we wanted out lights to go so when Dave gets here today he can get right to working. We aren't wasting any time here people! You come here to help and we put you to work! (Again though, I can't say enough how amazing all of the guys are. Truly amazing and we seriously couldn't have done it without their help.)

I look forward to going home every day and seeing the room literally evolve before my eyes.

Remember what the bar looked like before? Here it is as of last night:

please ignore ugly purple paint to the left. (crazy how purple it is am I right?!)

We decided against the pendant lights. We bought 2 different ones to test them out and we just aren't feeling it. They would either hang too high and look weird, or too low and smack you in the head while you sit and try to enjoy your beverage. We are opting for recessed lights here as well and placing them so that they illuminate behind the bar as well as the counter. But not shine directly on the stools. It will look much cleaner without the pendants hanging also. I'm cool with it.

Our bathroom is really coming together too! I picked a new vanity light last night that we are much happier with. The other would have been insanely bright like you were using the facilities during a police interrogation. The vanity and toilet should be in place today I think.

And wow. Here is some tile. I love love love love LOVE them! I can't wait to see them all in and the can lights shining down. (and the paint? can we say MUCH BETTER?!)

And rumor has it that the kegarator has been delivered and Mr. Buckeye already has the CO2 Tank in the car to be filled up today...

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