Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Part 1


I finished up my Gretel last night. I adore this hat. I'm absolutely loving the tubular cast on (not actually doing it, but the result) it's not too stretchy and really holds the ribbing in place. I doubt it will stretch as much as my Star Crossed Beret does- and that's a good thing!

Mr Buckeye is back in town so he is basement bound with his dad today... and tomorrow... and Sunday :)

I can't wait to see the transformation just over the weekend. Already the bathroom has been sanded and primed (ready for that fabulous Red Delicious Paint) and the living space walls will be sanded and most likely primed today as well. In other great news, the billiard light came in and it is beautiful. We were surprised to see that the finish wasn't so much "Pewter" as it said, and more Brushed Nickel, which is exactly what we wanted!

This weekend will be some staining of the bar, laying tile in the bathroom and hopefully by the bar, paint, paint, and more paint! Then we will be all ready for the others to come down next week to lay the grid, ceiling tiles, and lights!


(OH! I have my 2nd quilt class tomorrow also. I'm super excited for that too! )

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