Friday, February 5, 2010

A little bit of knitting... and some other stuff

So Emily demanded that I take more pictures to share. Of both the home improvement and the knitting (if I got any done) So of course I'm happy to oblige.

The guys hard at work on Wed. night- see the dust specs flashing in my camera?

P envisioning his bar- again with the dust!

How we left it Wednesday night. The magnificent hole had been filled in, the bathroom (that stuff on the far right) had been framed and electrical run, and the front of the bar framed and the "bar back" framed. Steps still look the same.

And this is what I came home to yesterday! The steps were turned, the bar is built, all electric run to the bar (gotta have a place to plug in the mixer!!) and OMG they swept the floors! Not much dust at all!!!
Can I just say how much I love love the new landing? They put a half wall that runs down the stairs and even with the one step down. It's perfect and will allow for a better flow into the room so we didn't just have a wall that randomly stopped. it's created a little cubby at the end of the bar between the steps and the bar. P has claimed that little "nook" as his favorite spot in the basement.

Even Chloe wanted to check things out... she is that (giant) black and white spot at the top of the steps- seriously, she has a weight problem (18ish lbs?). She's a little sensitive about it.Best not to mention it.

And yes, I did get some knitting done. I didn't want to start anything big since the knitting Olympics are starting in a week. But I wanted something I hadn't done before and I wanted to try and use from my stash. So hopefully I have enough left over from my Slouchy Beret so make this Celtic Neckwarmer. I got 50 rows done and actually managed to read from the chart.

When it's done it should look something like this:

To quote Britt
: snOMG! is on it's way. We are expecting somewhere between 4 and 12 inches of snow. I've heard 4-8, I've heard 6-12... who knows what will happen. I don't care either way, but please don't let it be icy!

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