Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I think I've got the Black Lung, Pop!

Post Update: Photos added at the end :)

Forgive the lack of photos in today's post. My camera is currently at home under a layer of concrete dust... oh yeah, and the guys need it to keep snapping away at the work they are doing.

But the dust.... it has a mind of it's own. I received a warning phone call from P letting me know there was a fine layer of gray over everything. And we aren't talking about the basement here. Apparently when you use a saw and jackhammer to break up and remove concrete- even if you barricade the door with sheets and turn the vents down to interrupt air flow- the dust gets out. And infects everything it can get to. Seriously. Chloe aged about 40 years in the course of a work day. Even she couldn't escape the wrath of the dust. I won't even attempt to clean off the counters and tables. Because supposedly, it will return with the drywall installation. So just forgive me for the madness right now. I can't help it!

But in great news, Dave made it down safe and sound- we've got outlets up and he is working the wiring for the can lights and dimmers today. The concrete proved to be more difficult than anticipated but they made it work. There is a fabulous hole in the basement (quite impressive actually) and the new pipes have been run for the potty and the sink for the bathroom.

I think today is some more electrical work, re-pouring of concrete, and perhaps framing the bathroom and bar?

Oh yeah and the drywall gets delivered today! Who knows- at the pace these guys are working- for reals, they are like machines!- we may get some drywall up this week!

The delightful hole I was talking about:

Yes, those are Chloe prints! In. my. living room.

See those sheets on the dusty floor back there?

They are pointing to where the basement is. (to the left) The dust crept through the sheets, around the corner and attacked the living room!

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