Monday, February 15, 2010

LOVE-ly Weekend

Yes, it was.

We had a fabulous Valentine's Day weekend- how about you?

Friday night was the Olympic Opening Ceremony- more on this later, because I did something a little different this year- unfortunately for Mr. Buckeye, I wasn't at home to watch with him but that's okay because he was working away in his office anyway.

Saturday was quite a whirlwind. Here and gone before we knew it. We actually bought almost everything we need to finish the basement! Breakdown of Saturday's shop-o-rama:

Kegarator!!! (He is already trying to determine what shall fill the inaugural keg!)
Billiard Light (we went with my first choice :) )
Bathroom Vanity, Mirror, Toilet, TP Holder, Towel Ring\
Red Delicious Paint for the bathroom
Lights- for the Bathroom as well as above the bar
A couple more can lights for the ceiling
Baffles (the part that surrounds the lights)

It was highly successful and our haul is now stacked in the garage waitiing to be installed. I can't believe we will be mostly done in 2 weeks!

Saturday night was ended with our annual dinner at PF Changs and a cheesy movie. Yes, we saw Valentine's Day. And I thought it was cute, but he wasn't all that thrilled. I think part of it had to do with the fact that we are old fogeys and hadn't been to a movie at 10pm since we were like 18. Sheesh. We were almost falling asleep towards the end- HA!

Sunday was exhausting yet again, but we made another purchase! Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the interwebz, we bought the tile. We ran over to Lowe's hoping and praying that we could find something, and sure enough we did! And it was really well priced to boot! It's a porceline gray tile that almost looks like a stained concrete/stone. It has a little bit of texture and some color variation that we think will look phenomenal around the bar and in the bathroom. All we have left to pick out now is carpet!

Once we got settled back in at home aroun 7, this is how the rest of my night went:

Cup of Hot Chocolate, my Knitting Olympic Project, and the Olympics. Great time if you ask me!

Oh wait, I knew I was forgetting something, it didn't seem quite right...

Much Better.

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