Thursday, February 4, 2010

A bar and a bathroom

Wow, progress is really a great thing. I am amazed at the transformation of our wide open basement space into a livible, breatheable space. Well, don't breathe down there yet- you may inhald 4lbs of concrete dust and sawdust.

Again, no pictures till later but let me just tell you that it is amazing. We actually have a bathroom! and a bar frame! The space is literally evolving right before our eyes. The guys were turning the steps this morning when I left for work. Once that is done they are going to set up for drywall so they are ready to rock and roll next week. They are leaving us today but have no fear! They will be back on Monday... well, Dave won't, but that's because he is almost done till we get the ceiling grid and tiles in.

One slight issue that I have had with the whole process is that I find myself downstairs just staring and watching the guys work instead of knitting! I haven't touched any needles since Sunday! and I'm pretty sure that I'm going through withdrawls. I don't know if it's because I'm scared the dust will infect my project or I'm just in awe at the guys working. Either way, I need to knit something before I forget how!

Luckily there is more White Death coming into town this weekend so hopefully I can bundle up in the house and knit my little heart out till they return on Monday.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. we need pictures. Of both the home renovation project and what you go knittin'


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