Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I did make it to the WOD on Saturday prior to heading out for the wedding. Nancy visited us today and she totally kicked my ass.

5 Rounds for time
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (guys at 95, girls at 65)

I knew I would be scaling the weight and attempted a few with the 33 bar only to almost fall over a lose my balance. I dropped to the 15 bar and should have added some weight to it but kept on. I also scaled the running at the last minute to 300m runs instead of the 400. I was completely spent afterwards so I was happy about that. less than 20 minutes to completely exert yourself and get a great workout. I'll take it.

Unfortunately, I think my knee would like to give it back. I swear I am falling apart. Between the wrist and the knee it's like my right side is going on strike. I rounded out Saturday with dancing my heart out instead of resting and then took Sunday and yesterday off. I may go to the late WOD today (Tuesday) but I'm icing my knee and checked the WOD which includes more box jumps. I may go and just work on Wendler if I can. I need to make up some of my lifts and take it easy on the pounding. We shall see.
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