Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Partner up WOD

Wendler Deadlift- Went back to week 2 since I was behind.
Warmup: 2x5 @ 68, 1x3 @ 83
Work: 3 @ 70% (88), 3 @ 80% (100), 3+ @90% (112)

I completed 10 reps at 90%. I don't mind deadlift. I feel stronger and like lower body workouts. The worst part about deadlifts for me is the hook grip. You hook your thumb around the bar and wrap your fingers over it. It just feels weird to me.

The metcon was a partner WOD. Fran and I partnered up and set to work. It was a 10 min AMRAP. Alternating 400m Run (300m for me to scale for the knee) and Burpees. While your partner does one, you do the other. Keep switching for 10 minutes. Your score was the total number of burpees that you did between the 2 of you. I started with the Burpees so that I would be fresh since I'm much worse at them than Fran. My first set was 25, then headed out to run and came back to 57 from Fran, I brought us up to 78, then Fran rocked out to 114 while I ran, We finished with 122 total. I felt good during the WOD. The endurance ones are always a challenge for me but I felt like I held my own pretty well and contributed to the team.

I'll need to hit up the WOD tomorrow too since I've got Fri-Sat-Sun off for travelling north to celebrate my lovelies fifth birthday! Expect lots and lots of pictures. My camera is charged and ready!!!
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