Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cool as ice

Back to the box today. As much as I wanted to stay cuddled in bed under the covers, I didn't want to regret not going like I did earlier this week.

Working our way through Wendler week 2, today was close grip bench.

Warmup 2x5, 1x3 (33lb)
Work Sets:
3 @ 70% - 39
3 @ 80% - 44
3+ @ 90% - 50

I did 10. probably only 9 because my second to last one was barely completed.

Post strength was a metcon.
For time:
Clean & Jerk
Front Squats

I used a 33lb bar and a med ball to squat to. 3:42 later I was soaking wet and glad to be done. It still amazes me that short workouts can get that much out of you.

Came home for the post workout protein and ice.

Luckily it is like a million degrees outside so having half my body covered in ice and gel packs wasn't such an awful idea.
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