Monday, May 14, 2012

VooDoo Band it!

I returned to the gym today after 3 days off ready to work. Seneca was back and ready to "voodoo" my knee. I warmed up and then headed over ready for the pain.

Flossing, or Voodoo banding, or whatever you want to call it, is wrapping a tight band around whatever limb (elbow, knee, shoulder, etc.) and then performing some full range reps, and then testing again after removing the band.

I'm sure I'm making a ton of sense. Here is a video of Kelly Starett doing it:

Please note, my legs are neither as large, or as white as his.

Seneca wrapped below my knee, and then above.
It. was. tight.
and painful.

One of the other people in the gym were like.... um you're cutting off her circulation???

But amazingly enough, my crunchy knee was no longer crunchy after we took the band off. I'll see how I feel throughout the day, I can feel my heartbeat above my knee sometimes- ha. But I'm pretty sure we will  be doing it again and on both knees. The pain was worth it from what I can tell.

I didn't take a snapshot of the WOD but it was
Strength: deload week for Back Squats and Strict Press. 5 reps of each at 40%, 50% and 60%
Metcon: 7 Min AMRAP- 30 Kettlebell Swings and 15 burpees

I only managed to get 1 full round and then made it to 3 burpees when the timer went off. I was spent and crashed to the floor.

All in all a great Monday workout and I look forward to feeling improvement in my knee!

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  1. Rock on baby girl! You are amazing..pushing through the pain..Love you bunches!


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