Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fail Blog

My new shirt bought at Regionals. It makes me happy :)

Oof, I'm a bad blogger.

I did go back to the Chiropractor last week. And we didn't go through my stays just yet. There is a Separate appointment for that scheduled this week. I did, however, get my first adjustment. I was a bit of a pansy thinking it was going to hurt but it really didn't at all. The noises that my bones made was loud and cringe-worthy. I actually can't wait to go back on Wednesday. I felt so much relief for a few days but I can feel my neck and shoulders tensing up again.

Crossfit on Friday was the last day of reload for cycle 1 of Wendler.
Close Grip Bench
5 @ 40% 22
5 @ 50% 28
5 @ 60% 33

Then we had a second strength session practicing our overhead squats. We were supposed to hit 6 sets of 3. I was a big fat fail and just practiced squatting, no overhead, no bar, nothing. Then my IT band and right hip were bugging me so I foam rolled till I couldn't take it anymore. Foam rolling is one of the worst and most painful things to do in the entire world. But yet Dr. Ryan tells me I've got to do it pretty much daily to get my muscles to loosen up!

Took the weekend off and headed back to Crossfit on Monday morning. We started cycle 2 for Wendler with Back Squats. My 1rm was 98 and I used 90% of that as my training max for cycle 1. As we move into cycle 2, you add 10 lbs to you training max for legs and 5 lbs for arms and that becomes your new base number. So my new training max is what my 1rm used to be!

Back Squat
5 @ 65% 63
5 @ 75% 73
5+ @ 85% 83

Rather than doing as many as I could, I did my last 5 and stopped. I wasn't feeling very strong and although I could have done more I didn't want to tempt fate while working through injury.

Part 2 of Mondays workout was EMOTM (every minute on the minute) of 2 hang squat cleans for 10 minutes. I loaded up my bar to 45lbs. And set to work. I didn't want to compromise form for weight and still got a good workout with the 45s.

The whole30 challenge started yesterday and I'm not in. I'll clean up my eating but I won't go that strict. I'm sure it works but it's just not for me.

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