Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to WOD

I ALMOST didn't go to the WOD this morning. Since I flew out of Columbus and had to drive home last night, I was beat and just wanted to sleep in. I snoozed twice and was calling it a day with the option to go to the open gym at 12 today but when the Mr. got up 10 minutes after my last snooze I figured why the heck not, got dressed and away I went.

The WOD wasn't posted before I left and I was dissapointed to see Strict Press instead of Deadlift. (I missed back squat on Wed so I hopefully will be able to make that up tomorrow after the WOD during open gym.

Working off of my 1 rep max that I found last week, I was working with a Training Max of 43 pounds.

Warmup: 2x5, 1x3 (15lbs, 25 lbs, 27 lbs)
3 @ 70% - 30
3 @ 80% - 35
3+ @ 90% - 38  (8)

I had to use the 15lb training bar since my % are less than the chick bar. Good news is that the warmup and first work set were... dare I say, easy? 35 was challenging and the 38 felt great for the first couple lifts and then at 8 I barely completed and was almost to failure so I stopped. I can tell I'm slowly getting stronger. Even my warmup pushups are getting better. I'm still dropping to my knees from the plan start and stop but in general I can tell a difference in the way they feel. Same thing with squats. I'm consistently dropping my depth so now I need to focus on keeping my chest and head up.

After the weights there was a small Metcon - 5min AMRAP of double unders. I knew I wasn't there so I scaled to singles and busted them out. I started with a huge run of 85 before I tripped on the rope. I'm good about staying on my toes but need to work on power so I get higher off the ground. Rope whip still hurts but at least I wore long pants and only whipped myself twice on the arm.

We have a wedding tomorrow but I'm still hoping to make the 10am WOD and my back squats before coming home and getting ready. Rest on Sunday.
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