Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday WOD and weekend wrapup

Today's WOD was week 3 of Wendler- Strict Press. Rest for the legs. Good.

Working from my training max of 43, I set to work. Ended with 8 reps of 40. I'll take it. Part 2 of the workout was pullups. (banded for me) Your score was your highest reps you could do out of five times, resting in between. My highest ended up being my first go. 10.

I didn't feel strong today, could have been because of the long long weekend of fun. After the WOD on Friday, I rushed home and got ready, packed up my stuff and headed to the office. The CEO was making a visit and I wanted to sit in on a business update. Then later had a leadership webinar to attend. Rounding out the day was driving up north to see the family and then a little further north on Saturday for a housewarming/cinco de mayo/derby party. The Mr. had been in NYC all week for work... again. So I made the drive solo. Seeing the fam was great, the kids are awesome (and having a bday party- 5!- next week) We hung out Friday night and then Saturday morning post golf, we went to lunch before heading to Cleveland.

My boys, aren't they cute?!

After lunch we drove up to Avon to see our friend's new house and party. Unfortunately I didn't pick the winning horse from the hat (Go Hansen!) but still had a good time during the most exciting 2 minutes in sports. Got to see good friends, saw the super!moon and ate way too much taco dip. Fortunately for me I didn't drink much (hooray for no hangover sunday!) but was super tired since we bought the Mayweather/Cotto fight and stayed up to watch. Then the 4.5 hour drive home, grocery shopping, and getting ready for the week.

I may be tired but my WOD is done and now it's time to work.

Happy Monday everyone!
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