Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whip it Good

Today was quite a busy day for me with work and meetings and an important lunch followed by more work and back to Dr. Ryan for another adjustment. Fortunately, I had Crossfit to start me off right.

Strength: Strict Press - Week 1, Cycle 2
5 @ 65% 33
5 @ 75% 36
5 @ 85% 41

I suck at strict press. It's just one of those things where the movement is so isolated, all I want to do is add a push in to make it a bit easier. Alas, no push or jerk. Just press. and feel the burn.

For Volume we did something new to me today:

3 x 15 GHDSU (Glute, Hamstring Developer Situps)
* 50 double unders after each set

I of course did the singles but then became hellbent on trying to hit a double under. Thank goodness for my Trainer Brandon. He stood there with me and coached me through it, adjusting my rope and giving me tips and encouraging me along the way. He didn't give up on me and oh yeah, I HIT ONE!!!!! I could have cried I was so excited. Now that I've hit one, I am determined to nail them. Soon! I'm going to pick up my own rope soon so I don't have to keep trying to find the right one at the box, and I'll probably need to invest in some arm guards or wear long sleeves. My forearms look like I had it out with a weed whacker. It's all good though- because I WON :)

12 hours after the workout and my core is letting me know that it worked hard this morning.


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