Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make-up and De-load

I headed back to Crossfit last night to make up Week 3 of Wendler for Close Grip Bench and Deadlift. I didn't do the WOD, which I wasn't all that dissapointed about. Burpee Box Jumps, T2B, Hang Snatches, and Running? No thanks. I thought I would just do my warmup and Wendler and be done. (rowed my fastest 1200m in warmup ever! 5:42- I was super stoked.)

Seneca had other plans for me though and my own WOD was 2000m row for time. Not bad, not great. I was tired!

I can't even imagine doing thrusters and cleans after that! (AKA WOD 2 from Regionals)

Today was deload for Deadlift- a much appreciated decrease in weight. I was really tired last night. Like in bed at 9:30 tired. Getting out of bed was rough but I was awake and just needed to peel myself out from under the covers. I will be curious to see my improvement when we retest for 1 rep max. I'm hopeful to see a good number!

The Metcon made me hate life. Nothing like a good wall ball to make you feel unfit. I used the 15lb wall ball and did banded pullups. I was the last one to finish- 13:52. I rested. a lot. and had to do an extra 3 pullups at the end because I wasn't getting my chin up to the bar. UGH. No reps are the worst!

Oh yeah, over the weekend while Jen (in the middle) was repping Cornerstone at Regionals- 2 walls were torn down at the box... Looks super spacious now!

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