Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As big of a high that I was on after hitting my 98# back squat on Monday, I left the box today on as equally a low. The WOD today was a continuation of the 5-3-1 but with Strict Press. I knew my wrist was going to be an issue and it proved me right. Plus I have the upper body strength of an 8 year old... actually maybe a 5 year old. Since the program is based off your max and training max, I again needed to find mine.

One positive was that the bar itself was doable, dare I say easy?, which I think I had the hardest time with that the first week when I started so that has to be an improvement. I went from 33 to 48 and thats where I fell apart. I attempted 53 with a big FAIL, 50 with a big FAIL, and 49 with still a BIG FAIL. So my max for the program right now is 48. I've decided to start taking some small amounts of ibuprofen to see if that helps the inflamation, icing a few times a day at least, and minimal knitting. I only knit 2 rows on Monday and thats it for the week. Sad but true.

I also think I'm going to up my workouts during the week. Since the first few weeks the WODs are not going to be the combo 5-3-1 and Metcon, I feel like I need some endurance WODs to supplement. Depending on how I feel I might go tomorrow and then Friday too. Possibly Friday and Saturday. Either way, I can't sit on my butt all day like I did yesterday. I heard the WOD yesterday was a killer too! Bummed I missed it.

I did come home today and made a spinach, tomato, and cheddar omelette for lunch before work started. It was tasty. But I felt like I could have eaten 4 of them.

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